Prices 2018

Hostel, price per person Member Not Member
Room for two 270 SEK 320 SEK
Room for four 270 SEK 320 SEK
The Picasso Suite 350 SEK 400 SEK
Children -15 year 170 SEK 195 SEK
Children -15 year, suite 245 SEK 270 SEK
Breakfast 80 SEK 80 SEK
Breakfast, children 3-15 year 50 SEK 50 SEK
Sheets 80 SEK 80 SEK
Cleaning, per room 100 SEK 200 SEK
Sauna, ”family” 300 SEK 300 SEK
Sauna, group 600 SEK 600 SEK
Rent-a-hostel; Total
Included are: 6500:- SEK
One stay over night (12 p.m. to 12 p.m.),
the hostel exclusively for you,(not the Treehouse)
six bedrooms with total 19 beds,
hostel kitchen and bathroom,
exclusively access to the studio
If you want you can include the Tree house, 1000:-
Choice of extras: Cleaning 1200 SEK
Treehouse – romantic package; 1600 SEK 1700 SEK
Included are: Accomodation for two persons in grandlit bed,
sheets, breakfastbasket and cleaning
Choice of extras: Sauna 200 SEK
Treehouse- budget 1000 SEK
The price is when you book at most fourteen days before
Included are: Accomodation for two persons in grandlit bed
Choice of extras: Sheets 80 SEK per person
Choice of extras: Breakfast at hostel 80 SEK per person